Part Deux of the ‘rona testing saga for two confused families

BY MARCY SHORTUSE- I wish I would report in this week and tell you that our questions have been answered about our situation with the COVID-19 testing, but I cannot. Between our house and our friends’ house that we spoke of last week, everyone is relatively well but one, but the struggle is real when it […]

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So many questions, so much frustration about the ‘rona- especially when it comes to our kids

BY MARCY SHORTUSE- I wanted to take this opportunity to let you in on some things we are working on for next week, and they’re pretty important things. You see, in our little school on our little island, we have at least one confirmed case of COVID-19. It’s not a secret, it’s a fact.

EDITORIAL: County Manager proud of response to COVID-19

BY ROGER DESJARLAIS – I want to thank Lee County’s residents for your perseverance during these difficult times. I also want to thank our Lee County employees who have stepped up to the challenge of what all public servants are tasked to do in times of great need – serve the community. You know many […]

Take a walk on the wet side with a seagrass wading adventure

To the Editor: Take a walk on the wet side! Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center, Inc. (CHEC) will be conducting free Seagrass Adventure Estuary wading trips at Cedar Point Environmental Park, 2300 Placida Road, Englewood at 9 AM on the following dates: December 12 December 21 December 26 (full) January 4 January 15 January 28 February […]

EDITORIAL: The power of the press, the power of the people

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – If you were to go back in a time machine to February 1 and be able to talk to the person you were back then, imagine the conversation you would have. Things we never thought were possible in our age of modern technology and medicine have been taking place. This virus […]

GUEST EDITORIAL: A different kind of Holy Week

BY I am writing this on April Fools’ Day. Yet, none of us are fools during this time. The rise of COVID-19 has given all of us time to think and process. For my spouse Joy and I, we have taken a little time to sort through old pictures and recall great stories from our […]

EDITORIAL: Nonprofit groups need you more than ever

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – It seems like each week we experience a new phase in the COVID-19 crisis. From a lack of groceries to a constant battle with ourselves not to touch our faces, so many every day tasks and situations are somehow hindered by this life-or-death crisis. Last week we spent a lot of […]

EDITORIAL: A time to think, a time to plan

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – Did you ever think things would get this crazy? Just a couple of weeks ago we were worried about things that seem so inconsequential now. Whether you believe this virus threat is real or not (and many people don’t), it is affecting your daily life in a very big way. My […]

EDITORIAL: Be kind, patient and polite if using the new dog park

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – Rumor around the watering hole is that the “new” Boca Grande Dog Park is already open for business, fences be hanged. It’s a good feeling to know the tradition will be carrying on, stronger than ever, after the bittersweet closure of the old park on 7th Street. Some of the best communication […]

GUEST EDITORIAL: A million-dollar incentive gift for Suncoast

SUBMITTED BY SUNCOAST HUMANE SOCIETY – Suncoast Humane Society (SHS) is charged up to complete their Capital Campaign to build a new Animal Care Center, and they need you today. To gain even more momentum, an anonymous donor and animal lover is offering a $1 million incentive gift once SHS attains a $1 million match by […]