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Editorial: Bingo Prummelled on McCall Road

December 29, 2023
Raid sets standards for local retail shopping centers Just before Christmas, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Gaming Control Commission executed a search warrant of two cas…

Rockin’ across the Causeway to little miss dynamite Brenda Lee 

December 22, 2023
When traveling the Causeway, one might admit, if pressed, to playing a game of what song happens to be on the radio. If it is a good song (and a particularly good view of the water and sunset), it…

A margarita cup transformed by a simple story

December 7, 2023
The dedication of the new island Christmas tree gave the island a moment of cultural clarity last Sunday night. It was a perfect evening – the cookies, the weather, the breeze, the sunset.  The…


November 2, 2023
Over the years, I’ve read the Boca Beacon without fail. The best parts of the weekly paper are what I call “The Boca Soaps.” I savor every word. I love the Gilchrist sagas that kept going for seve…

EDITORIAL: Parking subterfuge and dangerous precedents … it must be season again

October 19, 2023
By now you’ve probably already read the story on the front page about how the Lee County Hearing Examiner announced her ruling in favor of the property owner at 161 Gilchrist Avenue. Discussion ab…

EDITORIAL: Paradise just ain’t what it used to be

September 7, 2023
If a hurricane doesn’t leave you dead It will make you strong. Don’t try to explain it, just nod your head, Breathe in, breathe out, move on. Those words went through my head a time or…


August 31, 2023

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Gulf Coast Community Foundation awards $30,000 to Conservation Foundation

August 24, 2023
To the Editor:  The Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast recently received two $15,000 grants from Gulf Coast Community Foundation. These grants were made possible through the Katheri…

EDITORIAL: We are all ‘somebody’ in the history of Gasparilla Island … for better, or for worse

August 17, 2023
There’s so much that has changed in our community in the last year or two. It’s difficult sometimes to wrap our minds around what has happened just since last September, much less the other change…


August 3, 2023