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BIPS discusses marine pollution and its increasing threat to Florida

September 16, 2022
By Guest Columnist
What can we do to help? While we can’t control every aspect of preventing marine pollution, there are many actions we can take. Using biodegradable environmentally safe household products and reducing waste by choosing packaging that decomposes quickly or can be reused or recycled is something most everyone can do. Choosing to use non-toxic marine and earth friendly products inside and outside will go a long way toward keeping these poisons out of the water. Picking up litter and animal waste and disposing of it properly benefits everyone. Participating in a community group that advocates and actively pursues a clean environment is always a great start. Whether implementing personal habits that foster a healthier world or joining forces with other like-minded people, we all have a role in the future health of Florida’s waters and can make a positive difference to reverse the negative impacts of marine pollution.

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