An iconic structure on the north end announces name change, and more

August 20, 2021
By T Michele Walker

If you’re familiar with Boca Grande history at all, when you hear the name “Boca Grande Hotel” you might think of the grand building built by Joseph Spadero decades ago that stood just south of 1st Street where Boca Bay is now. However, now that famous name will grace another iconic structure on the island – this one at the north end.

“We have a new name,” explained Margarita Michaels, the hotel manager. “We used to be ‘The Boca Grande Resort’ and now we’re ‘The Boca Grande Hotel.’”

Located on the same property as Kappy’s Market, Courtyard Hair and other businesses, it’s no wonder the newly named Boca Grande Hotel is currently a hot spot. It might become even more popular when word gets out that a new restaurant is in the works for the location as well.

“We are so excited to announce that we have a new restaurant coming to The Boca Grande Hotel this season,” Michaels said. “It will be a new restaurant with a new name and an entirely new dining experience. We’re currently in negotiations now, and we’re thrilled about the new possibilities and what we have to offer the island. We’re only four minutes away from the beaches, and that’s only because of the speed limit.” Not only can you rent golf carts at Kappy’s, the hotel offers kayaking, biking, fishing, glass bottom rentals and, of course, dock space through Uncle Henry’s Marina, which is directly behind the building.

With the ever-popular Kappy’s Market located next door (which works well with the fact there are kitchens in the hotel units), as well as Courtyard Hair, many visitor needs are covered without ever having to leave the property.

Uncle Henry’s was originally a restaurant and lounge, built in 1988 by Sunset Realty. The surrounding property was built after some contestation from the public and an island organization.

The scenery from the restaurant is much the same as it was back in the late 1980s, built to draw in anyone who enjoyed a view of the waterways amongst the Florida flora and fauna. The two-story bar and restaurant will be available for special events and parties.

“We’re busy retooling and looking forward to sharing the details once we roll it out for the new season,” Michaels explained.

In addition to The Boca Grande Hotel, they also own The Palmetto Inn, an historic and unique property filled with old-Florida charm. Originally built in 1900 as a private residence, The Palmetto Inn was converted to a seven-suite inn 13 years later and is tucked away just one block away from beaches, downtown shopping and the historic district.

“Business for the hotel has been going like gangbusters this summer; better than ever,” Michaels said.