August 16, 2021
By Staff Report

John Samuel “J.S.” Lane passed away on August 16, 2021 from COVID complications. He was born on May 28, 1934.

John was born in Louisville, KY to Eura Gilbert Lane and Bessie Lee Hopewell Lane. His siblings included James Gilbert Lane, David Hale Lane and Paul Allen Lane.

John moved to Boca Grande when he was still young, in 1945, and attended Boca Grande High School. After graduation he enlisted in the Marines and fought in both the Vietnam and Korean wars, serving 22 years total.

He had made 1st Lt. and Captain at the Naval Training Center in Great Lakes before being given orders for his second Vietnam tour. Upon his arrival back to the US he was transferred to the temporary disability list with 17 years and three months of active service and temporary retirement for five years. He was placed on the permanent retired list as a Captain ending his military career at 21 years and 10 months.

Ranks that he held include Private, Private First Class, Corporal, Sergeant (E-4 and E-5), Warrant Officer (appointed Marine Gunner), Chief Warrant Officer, Second and First Lieutenant and Captain.

John started fishing shortly after his discharge from the military, when he was with his first wife. While with his second wife he owned a commercial fishing boat called Luneta and fished for grouper in the Gulf of Mexico. John eventually got his captain’s license and was the captain of the Starlight Princess (dinner cruise boat) for several years.

He retired when he met his third wife, Maria, and moved to the Philippines with his last job as a volunteer director for the Retiree Affairs Office in Cebu, Philippines for two years.

John met Frances Rose Blodgett on his return from Korea in 1955. Frances was the brother of Corporal Roy S. Blodgett, who he met at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville. He was invited to stay at Corporal Blodgett’s Family Home where he met Frances. They were wed on March 16, 1956. Their children are Vickie Lynn Lane, John Michael Lane, Darrel Francis Lane and Rebecca Sue Harrison.

John met Delia Sarte in Manila Philippines at the Monteverdi Hotel which was where she worked as a receptionist. Their children are Jennifer Myers (deceased October, 2015) and Sarah Vanderloski.

He met Maria Vela Saragena at the SM Bowling Alley in Cebu, Philippines in February of 2001. They had processed fiancé visa paperwork and flew back to the US October of 2001. Their children are Joelle Lane, John William Lane and Ransom Hopewell Lane. The family is in the process of adopting Querhyn Marie Saragena, but sadly John will not get to be here once she is fully adopted.

John, Maria, Joelle and John William made several trips to the Philippines. Along came Ransom Hopewell, and they had realized traveling back and forth from the US to the Philippines would become expensive with three children. In October of 2008 they permanently moved to the Philippines where John lived out the rest of his life with his family in the small town of Argao, Cebu.

His surviving family members in the US are Frances Rose Blodgett (his first wife) and their children – Vickie, Jon Michael, Darrel and Rebecca; John Michael’s son Dillon Lane and his daughters Ashley Nicole Lane and Haley Ann Rose Lane; Delia Lane and daughter Sarah Vanderloski. Zack and Zane Myers (sons of late Jennifer Myers); Maria Lane and children Joelle, John William, Ransom Hopewell and Querhyn Marie Saragena; and seven cousins – David, Larry, Darlene, Tammy, Natalie, Paul Brian and Kim.

Due to untimely circumstances, a live memorial service was not available at the time of John’s services. A post-memorial video will be announced later. He was laid to rest at the Sibonga Public Cemetery.