A thank you to everyone who loves Whidden’s and loved Isabelle

March 1, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
Dear Boca Grande Friends & Family,
On behalf of our family, I would like to thank everyone for the food, cards, plants, flowers, phone calls and kind words. Also for the beautiful Celebration of Life that was held at the Community House, and for everyone who was a part of making that day so beautiful. Thank you.
Thank you, also, for the donations made in memory of Isabelle Whidden Joiner (dock fund) to The Gasparilla Island Maritime Museum. Thanks for being there for our family throughout this difficult time. Isabelle wasn’t only an amazing mother/grandma/sister/aunt/cousin, she was an amazing person and friend to many. Isabelle touched many people in many different ways in her days, and it really showed on the day we laid her to rest, with all the people who were there that day to show their love and respect for her.
I will tell ya, it’s a true statement that when Isabelle left us, a little bit of Boca Grande did as well. Isabelle’s wish was to keep Whidden’s Marina going as she would have done. Please keep your eyes out about things happening at Whiddens’s. I know it’s hard for many without Isabelle being here at the Marina (it’s very hard for us as well), but please stop by and say “Hi.”
Thank you.
– From the family of Isabelle Whidden Joiner
P.S. – There are many new things going on at the marina. Phase one of the dock is done, but we still have plenty more dock work to be done. We also have a brand-new development: Whidden’s Garden. Melissa is now selling beautiful plants.