World’s Richest Tarpon Tournament to be held on May 19 & May 20

May 13, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse

 worlds richest logo webOn Thursday, May 19 and Friday, May 20, Boca Grande Pass will see a field of at least 24 boats in the 2016 World’s Richest Tarpon Tournament, which means a little more than $95,000 in prize money to be distributed.

Fishing will take place from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. both days, with the awards announced downtown at 8 p.m. at the Tarpon Festival and Boca Grande Invitational Art Show.

Teams signed up so far include:

Team 1 

Team Leader – Jeff Pflugner

Angler Richard Baron

Angler Dan Hansen

Angler Ryan Pflugner

Team 2, Jill Marie

Team Leader – Robert Kunisch

Capt. Dave Chatham

Angler Alicia del Guercio

Angler John Kunisch

Angler Abigail del Guercio

Team 3, Deja Vu 

Team Leader – Robert Ryan

Capt. Dumplin’ Wheeler

Angler Steve Bistline

Angler Bill Irvine

Team 4 Anna Dell & the Chicago Right Anglers

Team Leader – John Souter

Capt. Bobby Woodard

Angler Jack Souter

Angler Kevin Gates

Angler Mike Engels

Team 5, Searene

Team Leader – Kevin Davis

Capt. Lamar Joiner Jr.

Angler Richy Edwards

Angler Tiki Seralles

Angler Jamie Mickle

Team 6 

Team Leader – Jon Reecher

Capt. Brian Knight

Angler Kono Wendel

Angler Chris Jaskowiak

Angler William Gist

Team 7, Had ‘Em

Team Leader – Mark Nagle

Angler Ken Marsch

Angler Tim Oughton

Angler Courtney Buik

Team 8 

Team Leader – Kevin Fink

Capt. Steve Ahlers

Angler Tucker Boyers

Angler Rory Fink

Angler Damien Flynn

Team 9, Hey, Moma!

Team Leader – Alex Shouppe

Capt. Wayne Joiner

Angler Chris Sanders

Angler Trey Starling

Angler Mike Moorefield

Team 10, Blaze

Team Leader – Roger Otto

Capt. Waylon Mills

Angler David LaFevers

Angler Don Bell

Angler Jeff Fry

Team 11, Sweetwater

Team Leader – Fred Fehsenfeld

Capt. Randy Rines

Angler Tim Solso

Angler Jim Fehsenfeld

Angler David Letts

Team 12, Boca Blue

Team Leader – Bob Melvin

Capt. Sandy Melvin

Angler Ron Walker

Angler Mike Vaughn

Team 13, Tracy Lynn

Team Leader – Bruce Aikens

Capt. Willie Mills

Angler Robert Lesperance

Angler Scott Adams

Team 14, Anejo

Team Leader – Bruce Strayhorn

Capt. Tater Spinks

Angler Bob Himschoot

Angler Berk Edwards

Angler Charlie Edwards

Team 15, Phil-Jack

Team Leader – Trey Fehsenfeld

Capt. Mark Liberman

Angler Harry Dyer

Angler Angus Roberts

Angler Tanner Dunn

Team 16, Native

Team Leader – Scott Lee

Capt. Frank Davis

Angler John McDermott

Angler Joe Rosier

Angler Josh Kuder

Team 17, Sitarah

Team Leader – Ron Slimp

Capt. Mark Futch

Angler Chris Kalhorn

Others TBD

Team 18, Miss Sarah

Capt. Lamar Joiner Sr.

Team TBD

Team 19, Faithful II

Team Leader – William Woodroffe

Capt. Matt Coleman

Angler Matt Young

Angler John de la Vergne

Angler Chris Harrie

Team 20, Casuarina

Team Leader – Howard Wise

Capt. Charlie Coleman

Angler Emily Wise

Angler Daniel Hildreth

Angler Nicole Coleman

Team 21 Family Tradition
Team Leader – Donnie Cayo
Capt. Travis Joiner
Angler Bob Cayo
Angler Dave Cayo
Angler John Richie

Team 22, Spook

Team Leader – Howard Frankland

Capt. Nat Italiano

Angler Darryl Menardi

Angler Phillip Carroll

Team 23, Little Spook

Team Leader – Ken Francis

Capt. Nelson Italiano

Angler Tom Brand

Angler Severin Mulligan

While there is still a first-place and a second-place award to be won with the most releases, this year’s new format takes out third place and instead gives prize money to the teams that get the first fish and last fish of each day. That evens the field and means that anyone could win prize money.

“This is one island tradition that creates a lot of excitement,” said Marcy Shortuse, tournament coordinator and president of the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce. “We do everything we can to make this a memorable experience for everyone involved, and to uphold the fishing tradition of this community.”

The Captain’s Party for anglers, captains and sponsors will take place on Wednesday, May 18 from 5 to 8 p.m. in Eagle Grille at Boca Grande Marina. Raffle prize highlights include:

• Yeti coolers

• A gourmet gift assortment in a black and white gift bag from Newlin’s Mainely Gourmet

• A wooden tarpon sign from Holly’s Island Gifts

• Yeti tumblers provided by Bob Melvin of Gulf Coast International Properties

• Two $100 gift cards from Barracuda Bill’s Mobil Station on Placida Road

• Lunch for two at The Temp

• Two sets of two Bucs tickets and a parking pass (time and date to be determined) from Italiano Insurance

• A gourmet basket from Watson’s Kitchen in Tampa

• A wine opener from The Temp

• A $150 gift certificate from The Inn Marina

• Two $25 gift certificates from the Pink Pony

• A box of Premium Monte Cristo Rothschilde cigars

• A $100 gift certificate from South Beach

• A $100 gift certificate from Sisters Restaurant

• A $50 gift certificate from The Loose Caboose

• A $25 gift certificate from BnT Liquor

• A “Jack Black” travel set (face cleanser, lip balm, beard rub, face moisturizer, hair and body wash) from Boca Blooms

• Two gift certificates for lunch for four at PJ’s Seagrille

After the tournament, team gear –  including shirts, hats, posters, tumblers and more – will be available at the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce office, located at 471 Park Avenue in the Pink Pony Courtyard. Call 964-0568 for more information, or call Marcy Shortuse at (941) 276-8646 for tournament information.