Time to clean out the jewelry box to help a local girl: Loveland Center resident will come and collect your castoff jewelry

April 24, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

BY OLIVIA CAMERON – With stay-at-home recommendations regarding the safety of the public from the pandemic, what better time than to clean out old junk drawers and closets you don’t use? Any costume jewelry or antique accessories found can be donated to a local group of proactive Lovelanders.

The Lovelanders, a group supporting programs that help those with developmental disabilities including the Special Olympics, are holding their own annual fundraiser next February, and jewelry donations would be substantial contributions for the auction. The Lovelanders host the jewelry show outside of the center to benefit participants and residents among their community.

Natalie Spurgeon

Islander, Natalie Spurgeon, who has been a resident of the Loveland Center in Venice for the past four years, coined the idea to take jewelry donations for their own auction. Natalie figured people would be spending this time cleaning out dusty corners and forgotten jewelry boxes.

“I thought people who are clearing their closets out may like to donate their jewelry to the jewelry sale,” said Natalie. “We are collecting jewelry year-round.”

Natalie suggests the old jewelry that sits around could easily be auctioned to find a good home.

In the four years of her residence at Loveland, Natalie says her friends make the village worthwhile. She enjoys being a part of the community and looks forward to coasting around for jewelry donations to support their own entity.

Natalie encourages anyone who would like to donate to the Lovelanders contact her by cell at (941) 457-9883. Those interested in donating directly to the Loveland Center organization or other information can visit lovelandcenter.org.

At left, a previous Lovelanders jewelry auction, and Natalie (inset).