The Tower of Terror: Objects falling from tower are larger than they appear

June 8, 2018
By Marcy Shortuse

Kris Boyden, manager at The Palm on Park Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store, had quite a scare when she was finishing her day up at the store on Monday, June 4.
She was taking some recyclables out the back door at the store that leads to an alley where the communications tower is located, when a pair of 7-inch heavy scissors fell from the tower, landing just inches from where she was standing.
“I just missed dying … it wasn’t my day to die,” she said.
The next day, Boyden tracked down a supervisor at the tower and he apologized profusely for the situation.
A foreman for the company, Data Stream, also apologized for the incident, and roadblock barriers were put in the alley on Wednesday to deter people from walking through.
“But it’s not stopping anybody, people are still walking through there because most businesses have access doors from the alley,” Boyden said.
On Tuesday and Wednesday,  Boyden picked up several large pieces of metal in the alley, including clamps and connectors, as well as a bunch of loose wire around the sidewalk and some were even in the street.
“I told the men working that this cannot go on … people are walking on these sidewalks and we have to take our garbage and recyclables out,” she said. “Things need to be tethered to tool belts when you are working up that high.”
Boyden now has a pink hard hat that she keeps at the store for protection.
Workers on site said the project should be completed by Friday (today).