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The Island Golfer: Which is the better game, tennis or golf?

February 15, 2022
By Guest Columnist
An age-old debate among fans of both sports is whether golf or tennis is the more enjoyable game.  Both have experienced strong, double-digit growth in recent years. There are those who love to play tennis and others who enjoy the game of golf. Then there are those who spend a lot of their free time playing both sports. Islander Bill Bax is a mid-handicapper who plays golf at Coral Creek Club and tennis at the Boca Bay Pass Club. He did not start playing either sport regularly until he finished college, took a job and started entertaining clients. “I can play golf a lot better now than I ever did before, but I don’t put in the short-game practice required to be a low-handicapper,” Bax admitted. “I am more proficient at tennis because of my consistency and athleticism. I can make all the shots in golf, but never on the same day.”

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