Thank you all for making Ladies Mix & Match a great day!

July 22, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
Ladies Draw: Mix and Match Tarpon Tournament was so much fun! Congrats to our winners!
First-place winners on the Tracy Lynn with Capt. Willie Mills were Kalee Joiner, Candy Brooks, Leslie Edwards and Jodi Alice. Second-place winners on the Casuarina with Capt. Charlie Coleman were Nicole Coleman, Alex Young, Cannon Jones Wenzel and Momma Noy.
A BIG, BIG, THANK YOU to William Woodroffe for being our Head Judge and for customizing our second-place prize. Thank you, Melissa for taking pictures!
Thank you, Kalee and Effie for all of your help! Thank you to The Caribbean Room staff who were so accommodating and worked so hard to make our Captain’s Party a hit, including our fellow angler Danielle for tending an amazing bar! Thank you to Isabelle Joiner for letting us host from Whidden’s Marina. Thank you to all of our local Captains who fished, AND to those that were on standby for us.
Thank you to all the ladies who participated and made this tournament so much fun! THANKS AGAIN to everyone who donated to the tournament: The Temptation Restaurant; Barbara Anne’s Jewelry & Repair; Whidden’s Marina; Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce; Capt. Willie Mills; Capt. Matt Coleman; Capt. Wayne Joiner; Capt. Blake Cheske; Gasparilla Outfitters; Noy’s; Salt Tales by Angie Mills; Wendy Bush-Terpstra; Farlow’s on the Water; Key Agency; Rotonda Golf & Country Club; PJ’s Seagrille Restaurant; The Grapevine; Capt. CJ Shrimp Boat; and Barnichol Hardware & Signs.
Amber Mills McGuinness and Kacy Joiner Cheske Boca Grande