Suncoast cats in England: A follow-up to our original report

May 1, 2015
By Boca Beacon

image010Remember the kitties we reported about last week, who were headed to a new home in England? Well, after a climate controlled flight on British Airways, formerly homeless cats Binx and Little Girl have arrived safely at their East Sussex home.
United Kingdom residents Brian and Jenny Port adopted the siblings from Suncoast Humane Society in a long-distance adoption story that is the first of its kind at the Society.
The Ports report that the pair has found a cozy nook by the radiator in their new home where they know they can rest comfortably without being disturbed. Somewhat surprisingly, usually shy Little Girl is being more outgoing than bold Binx in their new setting, but Binx is his normal affectionate self when he wants to be. They are both settling in very well.
According to Executive Director Phil Snyder, “We have experienced many heartwarming adoption stories. I remember one special situation where one of our dogs went to New York City. This, however, an adoption from England, is a first.”image004
The Ports had fallen in love with the cats while visiting Englewood, Florida in February 2015. They returned to England without adopting them, but kept an eye on the cats on the Society’s website, Realizing that the felines were still needing a home, the Ports contacted Suncoast Humane Society in April 2015 to discuss the possibility of adopting them. After being approved by the Society for the adoption, they set out to arrange safe transportation for the cats to England. The cats were held for an additional 20 days at the animal care center to comply with international travel laws regarding pets. During that time Binx and Little Girl had more time to get a better grasp on the Queen’s English.
For more information, contact Suncoast Humane Society at 474-7884, visit, or stop by their adoption center at 6781 San Casa Drive, Englewood.