Step up and identify yourself, Mystery Person

September 6, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
As a property owner and seasonal resident, I have been distressed to read about the recent flood of compliance complaints regarding Boga Grande’s benches, picnic tables, and other amenities serving residents and visitors alike, presumably all from the same person (or persons). Apparently the complainant does not believe in his/her convictions stroonglyenough to reveal his/her identity, or the reasons for the complaints. And what is the objective – just cause trouble, make everyone toe the line legally, or drive away visitors who patronize local businesses and like Boca Grande with the amenities that the complainant has targeted? Knowing so little, one can only surmise that the complainant (1) has too much time on his/her hands, or (2) wants to return Boca Grande to the “good old days” when there were no such amenities, or (3) is just plain revengeful for some unknown reason.
And what about Lee County – devoting hours and hours at taxpayer expense to investigating all the complaints – some unfounded. Doesn’t the County have an interest in learning the identity of the complainant so that it can address the complaints in a more efficient and less adversarial manner?
Come on, Mystery Person – step up and identify yourself, and tell everyone what this is all about.
Sam Tilton
Rochester, NY