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Sitting down with Roger Lewis to discuss the new ‘Friends’ season of programming

September 28, 2023
By Staff Report
BB: Do you have a theme for this year’s talks? RL: There are two themes if you can consider one book a theme. This year we will look at fish, vegetable farming, and the plight of birds and insects. The lone book deals with America’s first rape trial in 1783 and its impact then and impact now. BB: Let’s start with fish. RL: Paul Greenberg is a lifelong fisherman and an award-winning writer on oceans, climate change, the environment, and culinary matters. His book, Four Fish: The Future of the last Wild Food, looks at four fish – salmon, bass, cod, and tuna (recently he has added shrimp to the list!) that are at present the base of a fish diet. BB: Sounds interesting, what is his main thesis? RL: A century ago nearly all seafood was wild. Now half is produced through aquaculture. Paul travels the globe looking for where we went wrong with the human – ocean relationship and how we might one day get it right.

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