PROFILE: Cindy Bartzer

October 12, 2018
By Marcy Shortuse

■ BY SUE ERWIN – There’s a new friendly face at Englewood Bank ready to serve your financial needs. Cindy Bartzer started working at the island bank about two months ago. She actually found the job by happenstance.
She walked in to the Cape Haze branch and asked for an application, and that led her to the opening on the island.
“The main reason I applied there is because I did all of my banking with them, and everyone was always so nice and friendly,” she said. “I think my background experience helped greatly because at many of my former jobs, I would do the book keeping and make the daily deposits.”
She started out at the branch in South Gulf Cove where she went through training for a few weeks and then transferred to the island branch.
Some of her responsibilities at the bank include greeting customers, handling all of the cash and checking transactions and solving a variety of other customer inquiries.
Cindy and her husband, Tom, moved to southwest Florida in 2016. They had visited friends who lived here many times, and quickly realized how much they liked the area.
“We were done dealing with the winters,” she said. “So we came down and bought property in South Gulf Cove, and had our house built while we were still living in Pennsylvania.”
The move actually became a bit tricky, since they were trying to sell their home to coincide with moving into their new house, but it all worked out eventually.
Cindy was already familiar with Boca Grande, because parents had friends who lived on the island, so she had already been introduced to the area years ago.
“My mom actually wanted to move here,” she said. “My parents had investment properties in Naples and St. Augustine, and they talked about selling those and finding a place to settle here.”
Tom was retired when they moved to Florida, but found that left too much time on his hands, so he took a job working for an exterminator in Port Charlotte.
Her father, James Stumpf, owned C&C Motors in Pennsylvania for many years. Cindy met Tom when they both were working for C&C Motors.
Originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Cindy was one of three children. She has two brothers: Randy and Tim.
Randy is retired and lives with his family in Doylestown, PA.
He has three children: James, Joseph and Juliana. The boys are in college and Juliana will be graduating high school this year. Tim lives in St. Augustine and has one son, Christopher who is married to Karina.
Growing up, she recalls her hometown of Warrington was rural, mostly farmland and very casual.
“But it’s really changed a lot since then,” she said. “With all of the building and progress it’s become much more modernized.”
When she was a senior in high school, she enrolled in a co-op program where she went to school for half a day and worked in the afternoons. She started working in the office at C&C Motors and ended up staying with the company for 13 years. She worked as a sales representative, an administrative assistant and a number of other positions.
“I was also a cashier, I ordered vehicles for the dealership … I did a lot of everything,” she said. “It was fun to pick out the colors and select the equipment. I really learned a lot while working there.”
After that, she worked for Sun Oil Company for five years, but when the company started doing cutbacks, she opted for a buy out package and moved on in her career.
She found a job in Doylestown, PA at Thompson Toyota. She started out as an administrative assistant and billing clerk and eventually transferred to Thompson BMW where she was a vehicle tracker.
“We would import vehicles from Germany, and I would schedule and process which ones were delivered and where throughout the United States,” she said. “I made sure all the paperwork was right on all of the deals.”
She also worked for human resources for CNC Ford.
Later she worked for Bonargo Insurance Associates in Warrington, PA. She did illustrations for term insurance and long term care.
“That was an interesting job,” she said. “We had to get fingerprinted because of all of the sensitive information we were dealing with for the clients. It was very detailed work.”
Cindy credits her professional success to the love and support of her parents and husband over the years.
In the midst of her career, she attended and completed the National Automobile Dealer’s Association academy, a school for daughters and sons of former car dealership owners.
“I finished the program and it was very helpful throughout my career,” she said.
She had an opportunity to purchase her father’s car dealership at one point, but didn’t feel ready to take on such a huge responsibility at the time, so he eventually sold the business.
“I have many friends who went on to pursue that and were very successful, but I just wasn’t ready to do it when the opportunity presented itself.”
When asked what she likes about her current position in Boca Grande, she replied “everything.”
“I like the people and I really enjoy coming to work every day,” she said. “And everyone I work with is so friendly and so nice, it’s just a pleasure to be here and it’s a privilege to work on this island. I feel very blessed. Just crossing over that bridge every day and seeing all of the wildlife and nature … it takes all the stress of life away.”
When Cindy is not working, she enjoys bicycling, hiking and almost anything involving nature and the outdoors.
“I love to look for wildlife – the nature is just amazing down here.”
Although she has never gone fishing before, her husband recently bought rods and reels and plans they plan to do some fishing around the island.
“He’s going to teach me so I’m looking forward to that.”
Stop in Englewood Bank on the island and say hello to Cindy. She’ll be happy to help you with all of your personal and professional banking needs.