National Register nomination granted 60-day extension

December 18, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

BY MARCY SHORTUSE- A 60-day extension on the presentation of the nomination to the state’s historic review board has been granted, giving those who filed the nomination time to remove Gilchrist Avenue from the equation.
In a letter dated December 11 it was noted that Ruben Acosta, the state’s supervisor of the Survey and Registration department, had rescheduled the nomination presentation to a later date.
“We agree to postpone consideration of the above referenced nomination until our May 6, 2021 National Register Review Board meeting,” the letter from Acosta’s office read. “This should provide sufficient time to revise the existing National Register nomination and to present the updated document before the Boca Grande Historic Preservation Commission and the Lee County Board of County Commissioners.
This letter was written in response to a document signed by Lee County Commission Chairman Kevin Ruane, who earlier this month asked Acosta if they could have more time to finesse the National Register of Historic Places nomination, particularly in light of the fact that Lee County considered the proposed nomination of the Boca Grande Residential Historic District in its original form problematic. Ruane said the County’s primary concern was the inclusion of Gilchrist Avenue, a county-owned public right of way, as a contributing resource in the proposed district. 
After the removal of Gilchrist Avenue, the matter will return again to the Boca Grande Historic Preservation Board for another vote and public hearing. At the BGHPB’s November meeting the nomination was voted down, with the inclusion of Gilchrist Avenue being just one of the reasons why.