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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: An update on the Rear Range Light

April 6, 2023
By Boca Beacon Reader

To the Editor:

After Hurricane Ian hit, like most, we were assessing damages to our structures. All three of the historic structures that BIPS manages, operates and maintains have major damage caused by the storm and have been closed since its impacts last September.

This update is specifically for Gasparilla Island Lighthouse (GIL) aka Rear Range Light, the first to undergo repairs after lengthy, but incredibly important assessments. We want to offer our deepest thanks to Florida Lighthouse Association who called us the day after the storm hit asking how they could help. They paid for the assessments and engineer study with funds from their specialty license plate, Visit Our Lights.

And we want to give special thanks to our community who is “BOCA STRONG!” We know how much you went through after the storm as well, yet many of you gave from your hearts to the Boca Grande Disaster Relief Fund to help restore our island and without those funds, there would be no GIL repair project underway! 

Thank you for your support and your faith in us to once again make repairs to this special and unique historic lighthouse. We would also like to thank the Boca Grande Woman’s Club Emergency Relief Funds that helped cover our overhead and Lee County Tourist Development Council who awards us grants to help maintain the grounds and dune system.

Barrier Island Parks Society

Boca Grande