LETTER TO THE EDITOR: This isn’t the Boca Grande many know and love

May 29, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

To the Editor:
What is happening to Boca Grande? For the 30 years plus that I have been here, the character of the island had been unique, all encompassing, friendly, and mellow.
Until now. 
Something sinister is creeping onto the island, and it’s not just the iguanas. 
People who don’t know you, seldom say hello – or even nod hello back to you. In times past, everyone greeted each other on the street or path with a wave or a smile, whether they knew you or not. This is Boca Grande. Be nice. 
Golf carts and bicycles are being operated at super high speeds, putting walkers’ lives and others in danger? It’s only a matter of time until there is a disaster. This is Boca Grande. What’s the rush? 
Some golf carts and bicycles are equipped with sound equipment, blasting music to everyone around. This is Boca Grande. Give us a break!
Let’s remember why we’re all here. Say hello, smile, take your time, and listen to nature’s sounds around you. 
Together we can keep Boca Grande unique, all encompassing, friendly, and mellow before it’s too late.
Sandy Jacobs