LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thanking two ‘gems’ of Boca Grande

February 14, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
Two years ago, when my father’s signet ring had worn thin, we discovered Manny at Barbara Anne’s Jewelry. So this year, when my wedding rings broke at home up north and I was told they could not be repaired; I thought, “I bet Manny can do it.” Sure enough, soon after we arrived at Boca Grande my rings, shiny as when we were newlyweds, were back on my finger. Now the only problem is that my other jewelry seems to be jealous, and both a bracelet and necklace have also needed Manny’s TLC and expertise.
This year we discovered Mary through the learning-how-to-download-EBooks program at the library. Mary very patiently and knowledgably introduced us to the whole new world of Libby. Now not only can I keep up with my northern book club, but we will have books to entertain us on the long drive home. So we want to thank both our found gems … Manny and Mary are true experts in their respective fields, as well as being very kind and caring people.
  The Ranneys