LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Many thanks to the Clinic for helping to keep us safe

April 10, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor,

There are many reasons to be grateful to be living in Boca Grande during these days of global uncertainty and challenge. The Boca Grande Health Clinic stands out as one of the most important reasons to be grateful.

As the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus became all too apparent in the United States, the Boca Grande Health Clinic took an early and outspoken stand in doing everything possible to prevent the virus from spreading widely among our vulnerable population.  While speaking to the membership meeting of the Woman’s Club on Monday, March 2, Dr. Ervin described the early symptoms of the disease and told the audience to call the Clinic before visiting if showing those symptoms.

That early warning was rapidly followed by emergency actions taken to protect the doctors and staff at the Clinic as well as residents of Boca Grande.The medical staff visited all island retail businesses and restaurants urging them to follow guidelines established by the CDC to prevent further spread of the virus.The early warnings and closing of many businesses during the height of spring break kept many of us safe.

On behalf of all members of the Woman’s Club, a big thank you to the Health Clinic for your proactive stance in preventing widespread virus infection on Boca Grande.


Victoria Winterer