LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Jupiter, Saturn and meteors, oh my! Get the scoop from Bishop Planetarium experts

November 27, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

To the Editor:
Did you know that telescope manufacturers are reporting an exponential increase in sales? It seems the pandemic is leading people to take up backyard astronomy with a vengeance!
The Bishop provides great resources for astronomy enthusiasts — from long-time stargazers to those who are just beginning to explore our night skies.
And there’s no better month to pick up an astronomy story than December as we look forward to the Dec. 21 Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (the next one of this magnitude won’t occur until 2080!), the Geminid meteor shower (peaking on Dec. 13 and 14) and even an exploration of the ancient cultural meanings ascribed to the movements of the stars and planets that occur around December 25.
If you’d like to explore these topics, we’ve got just the experts for you — including Planetarium Manager Howard Hochhalter, who is a NASA Solar System Ambassador. Please drop an email or give a call to (941) 216-3460.
Remi Gonzalez, 
Director of Communications and Brand |