Lemon Bay student receives Elsie Bracken award for STEM excellence

May 25, 2018
By Marcy Shortuse

Lemon Bay Conservancy Vice President Irene Slattery, presented the Elsie Bracken Conservation Research Award to Lemon Bay Senior, Haleigh Niles, on May 7th, 2018. Haleigh Niles was selected for her outstanding work in environmental research in the STEM (Science, Technology, Environment, and Math) program that is supported by the Lemon Bay Conservancy.
Niles stood out among the other applicants due to her dedication and academic excellence.
Lemon Bay student receives Elsie Bracken award for STEM excellenceThe scholarship award was established in 2012 to reward those students who excel in the sciences and plan to further their careers in similar fields.
The namesake, Elsie Bracken, is a long-time resident of Boca Grande and she holds the local record for the most tarpon caught by a woman angler – over 1,000. She is a dedicated conservationist and supporter of Lemon Bay Conservancy.
Shown here is Vice President Irene Slattery and Lemon Bay High School senior Haleigh Niles.                                                                  Photo submitted