Island food barrel donations given to Englewood Helping Hands this year

April 17, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

STAFF REPORT – Island food barrels were picked up earlier this month and stored for the season, but not to worry – they will be back next season.
Jane Caple, one of the coordinators of the food bank program on Gasparilla Island, said she wanted to give Jim Benson kudos for allowing them to store the food in his off-island offices.
“The air conditioned space was much better for storing the food, and the Harry Chapin Food Bank wasn’t able to provide us with a storage truck this season,” Caple said. “Jim was able to take all the food from his storage area and deliver it to Englewood Helping Hands, a nonprofit food pantry located behind the Englewood Methodist Church on Pine Street in Englewood. They were low on supplies and very grateful to receive the food. It was good to keep it close to the island.”
The food barrel program’s primary coordinator is Nick Kaiser. Co-chairs are Caple, Jim Cochrun and Chris Rembold.