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Hey, Moma! has lucky 13 with win of World’s Richest with $39,000 prize

May 24, 2024
By Staff Report

The 2024 World’s Richest Tarpon Tournament concluded last night in Boca Grande. Overall, there were 133 tarpon caught on both days, 56 on the first day and 77 on the second.

The winner, with 13 tarpon for first place, was Hey, Moma with a $39,000 prize. On the boat angling with Capt. Wayne Joiner were Alex Shouppe, Chris Sanders, Michael Moorefield and Trey Stirling.

Second place was Blaze led by Capt. Waylon Mills, also with 13 fish, with a win of $26,000. Anglers on Blaze were Jake Poepl, Tony Scully and Owen Mills.

Blaze at the second day of the 2024 World’s Richest Tarpon Tournament. Matthew Gutman photo.

The rules of the tournament state that if there is a tie in numbers of fish, the winner between the two is the boat that caught the first tarpon. First and last fish each day got awards of $10,000.

  • First fish, day one: Wise Guy, with Capt. Mike Wise, with anglers Michael Obsini, Jeff Walkins Jr. and Enzo Chashi-Osini.
  • Last fish, day one: The boat Betsy Jay with Capt. Lamar Joiner Jr. had anglers Lamar Cole, Lawrence Rebbecchi, Janee Isaacs and Andrea Bosque.
  • First fish, day two: The boat Abyss Battery with Keith Mannion had anglers Jack Vasilaros, Nick Vasilaros and Michael Melissas. 
  • The last fish, day two: Family Tradition, with Capt. Travis Joiner, with anglers Sally Joiner, Sam Joiner, Alyssa Joiner and Lucinda Rynek.

In the tournament, they are not counting the size of the fish, but instead only the number of fish caught. There were 20 boats participating in the World’s Richest. Each paid $7,500 to enter. The boats were:

Sally J, Had Em, PG 22, Hanson, Betsy Jay, Sabalo, Hey Moma!, Boca Blue, Jill Marie, Outta Line, Blaze, Big Mouth, Pass Time, Spooked Again, Family Tradition, Outcast, Tracy Lynn, Irene, Abyss Battery and Little Latte. For the first day, there were 56 fish released by the 20 boats.