Have you turned in your census form yet?

June 5, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

STAFF REPORT- Have you filled out your census form yet? While many have had other things on their minds – to say the least – The Census Bureau reported this week that it had reached its target to get at least 60.5 percent of households to respond to the 2020 census.
The 2020 census began in March, and they reported that many households responding quickly, by late March. The response rate reached 50 percent by April 18 and 60 percent by Memorial Day. 
While many are reluctant to answer the rather lengthy list of questions the census asks, the answers from each residence help the government determine how much each state will get in grant money, loans, infrastructure expansion and utility improvements.
It is only done every 10 years. You have until July 31 to fill your paper copy out and mail it in, or you can go to 2020census.gov. 
Normally the Census Bureau will then go door-to-door for responses, but because of COVID-19, that process will be delayed.