Have you seen the Clinic’s new website? It was designed just for you

June 9, 2021
By Marcy Shortuse

BY MARK DRISCOLL, CEO OF THE BOCA GRANDE HEALTH CLINIC – Just a little over five months ago, we launched Boca Grande Health Clinic’s newly redesigned website – bghc.org/ – with a goal to provide our patients and Islanders with a simple way to access important information for their own health, and the health of the community. 

“We set out to create a website that is the source of truth and information for our patients and those who visit the Island,” said Mark Driscoll, Boca Grande Health Center CEO. “At the time the website launched in December, much of our web content focused on the many challenges presented by COVID-19. But we managed to tackle other health topics as well.”

The Clinic’s website is divided into seven main sections: Home, About, For Patients, Events, Resources, Donate, and Contact. The home page provides patients with quick ways to interact with the Clinic, preview the latest healthcare news, or just simply take a minute to rest while enjoying drone video of our beautiful Island.

To date, more than 13,000 people have visited the home page, with the COVID-19 vaccination and resources pages the most visited of the site. There are 36 pages and 50+ health news articles on the website. 

The site is updated weekly with helpful information, articles, and announcements. Here are some key areas to explore:

• Clinic services (bghc.org/about/clinic-services/)

• Doctors and staff (https://www.bghc.org/about/staff/) where you’ll find bios for everyone you’ll meet at the Clinic

• Patient information section (bghc.org/for-patients/welcome-info/) that provides patients all the information you need to schedule and prepare for a visit, including downloadable patient information forms and even an easy way to make an online payment.

• Healthcare news articles (https://www.bghc.org/news/healthcare/) with the latest news and information about the current state of health on the Island, along with practical information on health topics ranging from Alzheimer’s to women and heart disease to mental health. 

• Heart health section with helpful information on cardiovascular disease, understanding the warning signs, prevention tips and resources (bghc.org/resources/heart-health/)

• Our COVID-19 Resource Center  (bghc.org/resources/covid-19-resource-center/) includes information on the vaccine, testing, what to do if you’ve been exposed, how to quarantine, answers to the most commonly asked questions, and access to a wealth of state and government information and tools. The Clinic’s 2020 Welcome Kit of COVID-19 information, tools and resources is also available for download there. 

• Information on upcoming events and webinars is available (bghc.org/events/), including links to watch recordings of past events.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please contact us (.bghc.org/contact/).

In addition to the website, the Clinic has a presence on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/company/boca-grande-health-clinic/.