GIBA reports show a record March, with 125,000 vehicles crossing the bridge

April 24, 2021
By Marcy Shortuse

SUBMITTED BY GIBA – The Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority Quarterly Board meeting was held on Wednesday, April 21 in the offices of the Authority, with part of the discussion featuring the fact that March of this year saw the highest amount of traffic in GIBA’s history.

When the board was provided the traffic and revenue figures for fiscal year 2021 compared to fiscal year 2020, it showed that current traffic is up 2 percent, with a corresponding revenue increase of 3 percent. March 2021 saw the highest traffic month in GIBA history with more than 125,000 vehicles.

To date more than 2,000 customers have registered for the new interactive GIBA toll pass account website.

Jon Reecher was sworn in as a GIBA Voting Board Member. He was congratulated and welcomed by the entire GIBA Board.

Chairman Ginger Watkins confirmed the chairmanship of the four GIBA Standing Committees: Drew Tucker, Audit, Randy Hicks, Engineering, Jay Feinberg, Finance, and Jean Hoysradt, Governance.

The Engineering Committee report included a discussion on the recent bridge inspection and current painting efforts. The Board voted to engage the paint coating specialist division of Hardesty and Hanover to help develop a long-term paint plan.

The Finance Committee discussed current cash reserves and future cash flow projections including principal prepayment of the SIB loan. Within the next year, the Board will review a preliminary request for qualifications for a registered investment advisor.

The board voted to approve the fiscal year 2021 audit services of Suplee, Shea, Cramer and Rocklein.

The Executive Director discussed the features of the new overhead tollbooth signs. The signs are used to direct traffic to the correct toll lanes. In the event of an emergency the signs can be changed quickly to communicate important safety and current island conditions.

The next GIBA Quarterly Board Meeting is scheduled for August 18.