Garden Club celebrates ‘Art in Bloom’

April 3, 2015
By BBadmin7502

IMG_4007SUBMITTED BY THE BOCA GRANDE GARDEN CLUB – The Boca Grande Garden Club teamed up with the Boca Grande Art Alliance last weekend to present an Art in Bloom Spring Show sponsored by Italiano Insurance. Members of both organizations shared their incredible artistic talents, proving just how lucky we are to have these gifted people in our community. Floral designers interpreted artists’ paintings and sculptures expressing the mood, tone, emotion, texture or color of each selected piece.

Anne Bowman did an especially fabulous interpretation of a pastel painting by Dianna Shandorf of colorful birds, using lots of native greens and bright orange birds of paradise. Pat Agles made a striking arrangement featuring strong verticals interpreting a spectacular painting by Garden Club member Ginny McCloskey of the cliffs of Positano. Pat even special ordered flowers from Italy to carry out her theme.

New Garden Club member Joan LePard did a striking Ikebana display interpreting a painting of a lily pond by artist and Garden Club member Lona Kissinger. Longtime member Joanne Hall also made a fabulous arrangement inspired by another of Lona’s paintings, which managed to convey both the scene and the act of painting it through the incorporation of a sketch pad and pencils into the flowers.  Nancy Lyons interpreted a third painting of Lona’s using bright yellow beads in her arrangement to echo the yellow walls in Lona’s artwork.

Founding Garden Club member Betty Fisher arranged orange flowers in a whimsical interpretation of a lovely painting by another founding Garden Club member, Carolann George, of King’s Day in Hoorn, one of the ports the Garden Club visited on its trip to Holland last spring.

Susan O’Brien beautifully echoed the magnolia theme in Pam Hannah’s oil painting in her arrangement. Audrey Knapp evoked Margo Russell’s beautiful red barn painting in red and yellow flowers and local greens.

Georgia McGurl interestingly interpreted a fish sculpture by artist Deborah Dawn Cooper in which she somehow conveyed scales and fins in bare branches and palms. Sylvia Barany based her floral design on a painting by  Bob Vorel of the former Loons on a Limb with low, brightly colored flowers referencing the newspaper boxes in front of taller palm fronds just like the entrance of the building.

Peggy Saewert’s perfect arrangement of blues and whites was a lovely homage to one of John Mitchell’s oils, as was Ellen Neil’s sunrise in flowers interpreting John’s “Aurora” painting.  John was also, as always, invaluable in organizing the show working with both groups to make it happen.

Judy Thomas as the Garden Club chair of Art in Bloom and her team, along with Dianna Shandorf, Melinda Thies and Pam Hannah from the Art Alliance, put on an outstanding show starting with a terrific opening party which featured the Boca Bande thanks to the generous sponsorship of Art Alliance member Randy and Garden Club member Ginny Bell.

Art in Bloom was an incredible demonstration of the talents of both organizations!