Florida history comes alive at The Island School

October 13, 2017
By Marcy Shortuse

On Wednesday, Oct. 11 the history of indigenous people in Florida came alive for students at The Island School.
The program, which is a joint venture of the Johann Fust Library, The Island School and the Boca Grande Historical Society, brings several aspects of Florida history to students this season.
Combining information developed by the Historical Society with the skills of Librarians Toni Vanover and Gladys Varga, the program brings local and state history to students in an interesting and exciting manner.

In addition to this week’s stories of indigenous people, the next programs will include stories of conquistadors and pirates, as well as the history of pioneers, fisherfolk and cow hunters.
Pictured are Librarians Toni Vanover and Gladys Varga and Betsy Joiner from the Boca Grande Historical Society.