Counting the community … 2020 census provides new way to respond

April 3, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

BY OLIVIA CAMERON – The 2020 Census is said to determine the outcome of our future here in the U.S. The Census Bureau strives to provide society with an accurate measurement of the population and determines seats for the U.S House of Representatives for each state. The data also allows for federal funding to be sent to local communities.
April 1 was U.S. Census Day. While we are practicing social distancing, take five minutes to complete your 2020 Census. Completing the census is easy and can be completed online, over the phone or via mail.
The census effects funding for schools, roads and hospitals, firefighters, and resources for people who need it most. It helps elect community leaders on school boards and city councils. You have the power to make a difference.
Enacted by the U.S. Constitution, the census gathers information regarding every person in the country’s population each decade. This year’s data is presumably a collection from around 330 million people.
With the current Coronavirus pandemic, the Bureau’s informative website has explained its recent changes. This year’s census is the first to allow responses by phone, mail, or online. With the adjustment to the data collection process, the government has recommended online response for timely accurate results. 
Notices to complete the census have been sent out as of mid-March. The public response prediction has been extended to about a month after planned dates. By May, the Census Bureau will follow up on households that have yet to complete the form.
The census questionnaire will ask for information regarding each person in the household.
Without completing the census, school lunches, highway plans, firefighter safety, and more could be looked over. The billions of federal funding allotted for local communities depends simply on how many people live in these communities. If the data is not accurately recorded, kids could go to school without eating or your morning commute wouldn’t be a straight shot. The federal funding is also used in favor of protecting children from abuse and can keep our forests from being fires.
The sooner responses are sent in, the need to send census takers into the communities will be lowered. Census takers are often sent out to follow up on households who have yet to complete forms. The adapted methods of completion give our country the chance to minimize complications. 
The online census can also be responded to in English or 12 other languages. An American Sign Language video is also provided to guide those who need it. Responses by phone can also be completed in 13 languages. 
The U.S. Census Bureau is obligated to protect your information, so join in and shape your future today.
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