Children’s Art Benefit Auction to feature exhibits through the eyes of a child in the DR

March 4, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse

The children of La Vega Christian School in the Dominican Republic have once again donated their artwork for this benefit exhibition and silent auction. The exhibit will be held at Smart Studio, Monday March 14, and final bids will be accepted by noon on Saturday, March 19.
Last year’s exhibit was very successful, with funds raised to finance a Haitian school. The Lighthouse Methodist Church has helped support Mitch and Debbie Martinez, missionaries to the Dominican Republic. for many years through BOLD, a branch of the Methodist Church’s missions committee.
Members of BOLD visited the Dominican Republic during the first week of March and received a tremendous welcome from the many students the church has sponsored. They toured the new Haitian schools and were part of an inauguration celebration of a water-purifying plant that was donated by a generous husband and wife who are members of the church. These BOLD members will be bringing the art pieces here when they return.
Presently, seven Haitian schools have opened in the vicinity of La Vega, with more than 300 children attending. Some meet in churches or in rental buildings. A new school is under construction,and property is being acquired for another.
Haitian children are not permitted to attend public schools with no personal papers. All was lost in the recent earthquake in Haiti.
Many Haitians emigrated to the Dominican Republic to find work and food. Without these church-sponsored schools, the children would be on the streets with no future.
Besides viewing the colorful artwork, the public will have the opportunity of sponsoring a promising Haitian child who deserves an education.
For more information, call Gail at Smart Studio or Wini Smart at 475-2873, or email