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PROFILE: Toni Wolcott

March 4, 2016
BY SUE ERWIN – Island artist Toni Wolcott is originally from West Harftord, Connecticut. She started coming to Boca Grande in the 1970s. “At first, I came down to visit my mother because she lived…

Art for Dudes workshop offered

February 26, 2016
BY SUE ERWIN – Local artist Jack Horner will be teaching a class called “Watercolor for Dudes” beginning on Monday, Feb. 29. The class for “dudes” will take place on Monday through Wednesday, Feb….

PROFILE: Barbara Runck

February 26, 2016
BY SUE ERWIN – Island visitor Barbara Runck has been coming to Boca Grande with her husband, Dick, since she first heard about it more than 30 years ago. Her nephew bought a condo here decades ago …

Profile: Ralph DiCarlo

February 19, 2016
BY SUE ERWIN – Ralph DiCarlo has lived on the island with his wife, Charlene, for more than 20 years. The couple relocated from Springfield, Mass. After spending some time on the east coast of Flor…

PROFILE: Jack Horner

February 12, 2016
BY SUE ERWIN – Island seasonal resident and artist Jack Horner was born in Richmond, Virginia. He is retired from two prominent, parallel careers: one serving in U.S. Naval Intelligence for 28 year…

PROFILE: Jimmy McIntire

February 5, 2016
BY SUSAN ERWIN – Nationally experienced Island Chef Jimmy McIntire joined the staff at Newlin’s Market on 4th Avenue in October. It’s kind of a funny, coincidental story that brought him to Boca Gr…

PROFILE: Brendan Dinan

January 29, 2016
Boca Grande resident and self-employed contractor Brendan Dinan has lived on the island for nearly ten years. His parents live on the island as well which is one reason why he decided to move here …

Profile: Krista Potthast-Haynes

January 22, 2016
  By Sue Erwin Boca Grande Realtor Krista Potthast-Haynes has been a professional Realtor with Michael Saunders on the island since 2014. She is also a board-certified informatics nurse and a …

Profile: Priscilla Masselink

January 15, 2016
  BY SUE ERWIN – Boca Grande resident Priscilla Masselink grew up in Maine and moved to the island with her husband, Mark, in 2012. She met Mark while attending college in North Carolina, and…

PROFILE: Jane Carlson

January 8, 2016
BY SUE ERWIN – A shell-lined walkway leads to the ground floor studio of Boca Grande artist Jane Carlson. Colorful paintings adorn the walls and line the room leading to the serene, seafront works…