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Profile: Oschter Haws

April 3, 2015
BY M KURZHAUS – Woe, had he had it in his genetics to lead the simple life of a normal lepus curpaeum. He, instead, is cursed – yet he is blessed – to have been given the gift of becoming wha…

A man who wore every hat in Boca Grande: Darrell Polk

March 30, 2015
BY MARCY SHORTUSE – Another piece of Boca Grande’s heart was lost this week, as Darrell Polk passed away at the age of 84. He now joins his wife, Margaret, who passed away in June of last year….

Profile: Pastor Brian Brightly

March 20, 2015
BY JACK SHORT – Pastor Brian Brightly is a remarkably energetic speaker and a progressive thinker. I confess I’ve never attended a sermon given by the pastor – but I spent a week in Cuba with…

Profile: Peter Roberts

March 13, 2015
BY JACK SHORT – Peter Roberts has a small town sensibility, tempered by southern hospitality. There’s also some Texan straight-shooting in there, literally and figuratively, which is something …