Heart healthy living, island style

BY BRET KUEBER, MDBOCA GRANDE HEALTH CLINIC Back in 2009 a study was completed on the people who lived on Ikaria Island off the coast of Greece. It was known that people lived longer there than on the mainland, and researchers wanted to find out why. There are some lessons in this study, especially with […]

Becoming a centenarian

By Dr. Raymond James, Boca Grande Health Clinic If you’re looking to have a long, productive life, there’s a lot to be learned from the lifestyle choices made by people in the world’s “Blue Zones” – places where people live the longest and are healthiest. These “secrets to longevity” were discussed in the January 25 […]

PROFILE: Dr. Bret Kueber

Dr. Bret Kueber always knew that he wanted to semi-retire in Florida; he just didn’t think it would happen this soon. It seems as though while he was waiting for his daughter Katie to finish high school, Boca Grande was suddenly thrust in his path. “We found this place and, wow! It’s perfect.” he said. “I didn’t want anything too touristy and I was looking for something more low-key, more old Florida style. I love to boat, my son David loves to fish and Katie likes being out on the boat. I love being on the water. That’s my happy place.”

Living a life of well-being: Meditation, Part II

The practice of creating instant well being is not simply a matter of wishful thinking, it just takes practice. For example, imagine that you, before you start your day, have put into place all the intentions you can possibly fathom to be mindful, keeping your stress at a minimum, and vowing to maintain your personal commitment toward increased well being. Suddenly, your day takes on unexpected twists and turns, landing you far, far away from where you desire to be. This is an all too common scenario for busy humans who are multi-tasking in unprecedented rates at work and at home.

You’ve got a date with the doctor on February 1

Boca Grande’s Dr. Daly Walker has released his second collection of short stories, “The Doctor’s Dilemma” and will discuss them in a Literary Series event on February 1.

ASK A DOC: What do I do about COVID-19?

By Thomas J. Ervin, M.D., Boca Grande Health Clinic Being asked “What do I do about COVID?” is a complicated question for anyone in clinical medicine to answer. If the COVID-19 pandemic was an elephant (it is large), it’s description would depend on which part of the anatomy was being viewed or described. The pandemic […]

COVID tests and P.O. Boxes: Many have questions

If you have been trying to obtain the free COVID test kits that the government is sending out and you get a message that says your P.O. Box is registered to a business, you are not alone. Island post office boxholders have been calling the Boca Beacon office, asking where their tests can be sent […]

Next ‘Grande Rounds’ will examine the secrets of longevity

The Boca Grande Health Clinic and the Boca Grande Health Foundation are teaming up once again with the Healthnetwork Foundation to bring esteemed health education to the Island. “How to Live to be 100 … Lessons Learned from Indians and Italians,” is the next lecture in the Grande Rounds series, set for Tuesday, Jan. 25, […]

In this day and age, it’s good to practice being a positive thinker

If you want to make a change in your life, think about the things that matter most to you. Self-affirmation is the practice of reflecting on the things that matter to you on the deepest personal level. Gratitude journaling takes just a few minutes out of each day to write down a handful of things that you are thankful for in the present moment. Journaling may help you stay focused and committed to the changes you wish to make because you will be thinking about how your decisions affect the things that matter the most in your life. Affirmations tend to work best when you are thinking about your broader sources of meaning and purpose.

A message from the Clinic: The Omicron surge

The latest COVID-19 variant, Omicron – the most contagious variant yet – has sent cases soaring to their highest level yet. Florida is shattering single-day records. The steady rise of the Omicron variant and COVID-19 transmission from holiday gatherings, along with a spike in the flu, are expected to put additional pressure on healthcare systems. […]