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Carillon bells ring again, parsonage restored at First Baptist

March 21, 2024
By Garland Pollard

Those on the island at noon and 5 p.m. will know what time it is without a watch or iPhone, as the carillon is now ringing at First Baptist Church of Boca Grande.

“The Baptist Church carillon is back playing again,” Pastor Gary Beatty said. “It plays a spattering of hymns.” 

The carillon plays at noon and 5 p.m., with chimes and music; it has over 300 classics in the repertoire.

This has been a busy week for First Baptist. The parsonage restoration is complete; members have even decorated the rooms.

Just Tuesday, Beatty was working along with crews around the churchyard, putting things back in place, including a “You are now entering the mission field” sign that had been in storage.

In terms of the renovation of the chapel from Hurricane Ian damage, progress is almost complete.

This week, Juliano Rocha of the painting contracting firm Excellent Choice was working in the church, re-staining the trim. All of the beaded paneling was replaced. The pine floors were perfectly re-stained; they had tape markings where the pews will go back.

Unfortunately, the church will not be back in before Easter; they will hold services across the street at host St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.

“We are getting pretty daggone close,” Beatty said.