Capt. Wayne Joiner and his team on Hey, Moma! take first in the #17 Classic

May 23, 2021
By Marcy Shortuse

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BY MARCY SHORTUSE – The #17 Classic, held on May 13 and 14, yielded 14 releases for the full field of boats that fished Boca Grande Pass in search of a win.

By the end of day one there were five releases, with the first release by Family Tradition at 5:35 p.m. Spooked Again got the second one at 5:37 p.m., Hey, Moma! got the third release at 7:18 p.m., Sabalo got the fourth at 7:33 p.m. and the team aboard the Phil-Jack got the last release at 7:57 p.m.

By the end of the second night Capt. Wayne Joiner and his team aboard Hey, Moma! took first place with three releases. Capt. Chad Bombenger and his team on Sabalo took second place.

Family Tradition took the first release prize of day one for $2,000 and Phil-Jack got the last release for $2,000. On the second day the team aboard the Tracy Lynn with Capt. Willie Mills – Bob and Nancy Benton, David Kelly and Jeremy Jeffers – got first fish and last fish, for a total of $4,000 in official prize money.

Congratulations to all the winners! 

The complete release list is as follows:

Day One

1) Spooked Again, 5:37

2) Family Tradition, 5:35

3) Hey, Moma!, 7:18

4) Sabalo, 7:33

5) Phil-Jack, 7:57 

Day Two

6) Tracy Lynn, 6:14 

7) Searene, 6:16

8) Hey, Moma!, 6:48

9) Hey, Moma!, 6:59

10) Big Mouth, 7:03

11) Boca Blue, 7:13

12) Sabalo, 7:25

13) Outta Line, 7:43

14) Tracy Lynn, 7:48