BIPS Board discusses revenue development, Green Gala at meeting

April 6, 2018
By Marcy Shortuse

The Barrier Island Parks Society Board of Directors discussed the 2018 Giving Challenge at their monthly meeting on Wednesday, April 4.
The 2018 Giving Challenge is presented by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, with giving strengthened by The Patterson Foundation. The Patterson Foundation will be matching all donations of up to $100 made between noon on May 1 to noon on May 2.
The BIPS Board is encouraging everyone to take the Giving Challenge and “Be the One” to support BIPS (see photo). If you would like to make a Giving Challenge matching donation to BIPS, visit
The fundraising event is available only to nonprofit organizations that have a profile in The Giving Partner. The Giving Partner reflects nonprofits in our local community that have made a commitment to transparency by answering questions and sharing in-depth information about their community.
“Our goal is to expand awareness of BIPS so that we can broaden the base of those who support our mission to inspire, educate and preserve our local natural and historical resources,” said Barrier Island Parks Society Executive Director Sharon McKenzie.
Board member Nancy Whitney said the Green Gala event was an incredible success this year.
“The food was fabulous, the room looked amazing, and the band was great,” Whitney said. “I think everyone appreciated the fact that it was a casual event, and everyone had a good time.” She also recognized the record number of Green Gala sponsors and thanked them for their support of BIPS.
The Friends of Cayo Costa recently received an award for a successful Celebrate Cayo Costa Day event.
Board Member Richard Klepser said some volunteers are trying to organize a Friends of Stump Pass group.
BIPS will be recruiting new Board members over the summer months, as some of the existing terms of current Board members will be expiring. Anyone interested in being considered should contact the BIPS office at (941) 964-0060.
For more information, visit