A 90+ gathering of islanders … Cheers to the ‘Greatest Generation’

April 6, 2018
By Marcy Shortuse

This past week a group of 13 local 90-year-olds had a luncheon upstairs at the Boca Grande Club. The luncheon was the brainchild of Boca Grande resident Claire Carlson. Claire said that she wanted to meet other people her age.
The group shared laughs and great conversation about topics of interest to them, such as military service, common backgrounds, where they had lived and where they had raised families. Claire said that the conversation never stopped and that she had to tap her glass several times to be able to get everyone to quiet down to make a toast.
Grandchildren and great grandchildren were really not topics of conversation, but the McNally’s were awarded an “ice cream cone” award for having the most great-grandchildren,with six now and three more on the way.
All of the attendees live in Southwest Florida during the winter season, some in Boca Grande, a couple from Lakeland and one in Sarasota. During the summer and fall months, most return to the Northeast to be with family and friends. Ann White lives as far away as Seattle with her daughter.
Next fall, the group plans to have two luncheons, one in November, but no specific dates have been set yet. If you would like to attend the luncheons, the only prerequisite is than you must be in your 90s and enjoy good company.
When adding their ages together, there were 1,202 years of experiences among them. Keep reading the Boca Beacon for details in the fall.
L to R seated: Claire Carlson, Jean Klingles, Ann Straham, Betty McNally and Ann White.
Left to right, standing: Jim Dieffenderfer, Jean Woods, David Klingles, Kevin Reynolds, Bill Heisel, Jack Wittkamp and Charles McNally. Not pictured: Edith Gardner.
Photo provided