Another amazing Christmas luncheon held by the Boca Grande Garden Club

December 4, 2015
By Marcy Shortuse

Garden Club President Clare Doyle with Luncheon Co-Chairs LeeAnn Maloomian and Priscilla Masselink admiring Nancy Ryan’s table design.

SUBMITTED BY THE BOCA GRANDE GARDEN CLUB – The holidays are off to a “Grande” start at the Boca Grande Garden Club!
On Wednesday, at its annual luncheon, the Club’s designers showed we can celebrate with everything from red roses and berries, to orange or blue coral with white orchids, to red bromeliads and candy canes; from red protea and green eucalyptus, to white amaryllis with heirloom needlepoint, and white roses with anything shiny and pretty. The main dining room at the Gasparilla Inn was awash in color, filled with beautiful holiday displays at tables of shimmering turquoise, nautical blues, bright corals, elegant golds, rich reds and wintry whites.
Georgia McGurl’s “over the top” table design.

Ten teams of designers: Carol Vaughn, Millie Murgia, Nancy Ryan, Susan O’Brien and Peggy Saewert, Roselle Agles and Angela Steffan, Sally Hornig and Margene Fox, Georgia McGurl, Ann Cohn, Sandy Burroughs, and Sue Reske and Alison Henderson, all presented tables of great beauty to inspire us and to enjoy over a wonderful lunch together.
Luncheon co-chairs LeeAnn Maloomian and Priscilla Masselink gave the Club a beautiful party to remember featuring a fabulous meal of farm-to-table dishes. Chef Rob Plesch of the Pink Elephant started it off with an hors d’oeuvres making demonstration which everyone got to taste. Lovely piano music played softly throughout lunch, with Priscilla and LeeAnn leading rousing carol singing after dessert!
A close-up of Roselle and Angela’s centerpiece
A close-up of Roselle and Angela’s centerpiece

The fun and the holiday spirit we all enjoyed inspired Susan O’Brien and Mary Kountze to agree to be our Luncheon Co-Chairs for next year. So put the first Wednesday in December on your calendars. This is a party too good to miss!