Update to GIWA Harbor Drive line rehabilitation plan

November 8, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

The Gasparilla Island Water Association had planned to begin replacing aging clay gravity sewer lines on Gasparilla Street this week, but an area of greater concern was discovered on Harbor Drive by a sewer video inspection crew last week; therefore, the Gasparilla Street project has been temporarily postponed. As is customary from time to time, the crew was contracted by GIWA as a proactive measure to assess our gravity sewer system and plan for any necessary repairs or replacements. The gravity sewer line from 240 to 293 Harbor Drive has numerous areas of cracks, defects and root intrusions. Sewage does not flow out of the cracks and defects, but they are allowing groundwater to enter the wastewater system. Leaks in the gravity sewer system also allow copious amounts of rainwater to enter the sewer system during heavy rainfall events, which can overload our wastewater treatment plant. The root intrusion will eventually lead to sewer backups and possibly overflows, which GIWA makes every effort to prevent.
DeJong Excavating Contractors, Inc. has been contracted to complete this project and is scheduled to begin excavation next week. The new gravity sewer lines and new manholes will be installed in the middle of the road. This will require removal of the asphalt for excavations as deep as six feet and a pump to remove ground water. This project is expected to take approximately four weeks to complete and will result in either road closures with a detour or single-lane traffic at the excavation site. Once the pipe is replaced, the trench will be filled with road base material, allowing traffic to travel until pavement is restored.
GIWA apologizes for any inconveniences this project may cause and wants to assure our membership that this is a much-needed improvement for the efficiency of the operations of our sewer system.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Bonnie Pringle, Utility Director, at 964-2423.