Resident says there’s no excuse for letter to editor

February 1, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse
To the Editor:
I was stunned to read the attack on Melisa Bicker by the “concerned citizenry of Boca Grande” under the bold-faced headline “It is time for the postmistress to go,” and I was disappointed that the Beacon would publish an anonymous ad hominem attack of this kind.
Whatever made the “concerned citizenry” think it was just fine to publicly circulate this hatchet job while remaining hidden behind an anonymous letter to the editor and yet somehow confident they were doing some kind of pubic service?
The statement that “it apparently doesn’t click with her that she works for us … not the other way around” is inherently demeaning and clearly meant to be so. She is a professional — an employee of the United States government and as such obliged to follow the rules and regulations established by the U.S. Postal Service. If she fails to do that, you have a cause for complaint.
Whether she “knows full well who you are and what your box number is,” I doubt the regulations entitle you to have her readdress mail from senders to you that have been improperly addressed. This more than smacks of a form of entitlement for you, concerned that both the Postal Service and those of us that she knows less well than she apparently knows you would take a dim view of.
My own experience of almost 25 years here, including everyone at this facility, is that they do their jobs cheerfully and well. That may be because I know how to get my packages and mail sent correctly, and yes, that is not as easy as having a mailbox outside one’s front door, but there is no excuse for an anonymous letter purportedly subscribed to by some number of unknowns about a person who really can not fight back.
Pat Hamilton
Concerned citizenry of Boca Grande