Resident has comments regarding letter to editor

February 1, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse
To the Editor:
I have several comments pertaining to the publication of a letter from the pseudonymous person(s) “Concerned citizenry of Boca Grande” that was published in the January 25, 2019 edition. First, the Beacon should have a policy that no letters should be published anonymously or under pseudonyms. The reason for this is obvious: The information contained therein cannot be verified, and the submitting person or entity may not exist. Most major news publications have strict rules that letters sent anonymously or under a pseudonym will not be published. People with opinions should have the common courtesy to sign their names.
Second, the Beacon should not be a forum for attacks on individual people against whom the person submitting the letter may have a personal vendetta. The subject of any such attack has no real opportunity to properly and adequately respond. This is simply unfair.
Third, I doubt that the “concerned citizenry of Boca Grande” are indeed residents of the island but suspect that they are in fact, seasonal visitors. The evidence for this is the fact that the writer references  forwarded and returned mail. A resident of the island does not have to bother with forwarded mail. The other evidence is that this letter was sent and published during season. Obviously writing under the cowardly pseudonym precludes precise identification, which is clearly the intent of the writer.
Finally, the tenor of the “concerned citizenry’s” letter is that they were not given the deference to which they believe they are entitled and thus, the postmistress must go. There is no claim that she did not follow the required rules, regulations and laws under which she must operate. There are clearly processes within the USPS to discipline employees who fail to comply with these numerous and complex rules. The writer essentially wishes to treat the USPS employee as they would the headmistress of their child’s prep school or manager of their private club, calling for their removal when those people fail to recognize “who we are.” What you have called for is the removal of one of our neighbors who works on the island because of this petty reason.
The solution to this matter is to make sure that whoever is sending the “concerned citizenry” letters properly addresses the letters or notices or other material that are being sent. In the end, I suspect the fault of not receiving mail rests with you by not informing the people or entities of your proper address. Shame on you. Ms. Bicker is owed an apology from the Beacon and the “concerned citizenry.”
Scott Feringa
Boca Grande