Niko was on the lam, but now she’s home

February 22, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

There may be a lot going on right now on the island, but one event this past week seemed to take a little more precedent than others. When one beautiful little dog disappeared from the beach, our entire community was on the lookout for her.
Our saga began last Saturday, Feb. 16 when Niko Magloyuan, a 3-year-old female pitbull/terrier mix wearing a fancy crystal collar, and her family went to the beach at the north end of the island. A leash slipped out of a hand, and Niko was gone in the blink of an eye.
“Our hearts are broken,” said Niko’s mom, Patricia, on Facebook. “She was running and I couldn’t keep up. Then it started to get dark.”
The family packed up after looking for as long as they could, and Patricia went home and went to work getting the word out on all of the pet lost-and- found Facebook pages.
Days passed. More and more people were looking for the little dog, but other than a couple of brief glimpses of her near the Boca Grande Club, there was no word. Niko is skittish, so trying to catch her wasn’t going to work.
It wasn’t until Wednesday, Feb. 20 when the newspaper got a call from island resident Mary O’Bannon, who lives right near the Boca Grande Club.
Apparently when Mary let her dog YaYa outside that morning, Niko took a chance and wandered up to the house. Mary walked around the corner into her kitchen to see Niko’s little gray face peering back at her from the doorway.
Mary asked a painter at the home if it was his dog, and he immediately recognized Niko as “the lost dog from Facebook.”
Within minutes Niko was taking a ride to the Beacon office, and Patricia was contacted and on her way to reunite with Niko. The video of their reunion is on our Facebook page, but needless to say, everyone was much relieved she was home.
“Our hearts are whole again,” Patricia said. “I couldn’t believe how many times it was shared and commented on. My heart is so filled right now! I can’t thank everyone enough!”
Many thanks to everyone who was watching out for Niko.