Local businessman and Garden Club team up to create comfort

April 17, 2015
By Marcy Shortuse

blue_benchDiane Johnson and Melanie Sullivan, Co-Chairs of the Boca Grande Garden Club Community Services Committee and committee members Gina McFadden and Priscilla Masselink, spearheaded the drive to install those” Caribbean blue” benches surrounded by palms and bamboo on both sides of the Post Office building. Marc Spurgeon of Boca Grande Realty supplied three benches and five pots for the plants. The garden club purchased the palms and bamboo, which were installed by Lee Landscaping.

Isn’t this what small town life is supposed to be like? Sitting in your rocker on the front porch or on a bench in the town center, watching the world go by?  People will actually stop and talk to you and you can pass on the latest gossip.  Or, if you don’t know any, make some up.

This second phase of a Downtown Beautification Project follows the installation of orchids by Mickey Carnell of the Blue Pagoda in trees along the bike path just east of the Post Office. The orchids, palms and bamboo are being fertilized and watered by members of the Garden Club’s Community Services Committee.  Anyone who is going to be on island over the summer who would like to care for the plants until members of the garden club return please contact Diane at 964-1564 or Johnson4140@sbcglobal.net.

Good ideas are infectious.Did you notice that Toni Muccieri of Parsley-Baldwin decided to put a couple of benches in front of his office down the street.

Who knows where this will lead?