LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Remembering Clyde Nabers

December 11, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

To the Editor:
I think that Misty Nabers-Nichols article in last week’s Boca Beacon (12/4/20) was a fitting tribute to a father who well deserves Misty’s fond memories.
I’ve known Clyde Nabers from the time he moved back to Boca Grande as an adult and established residence here. He married an island girl, Carolyn Parkinson. The Boca Grande Pilot’s Association, consisting of myself, my father, Capt. Carey Johnson and my cousin, Capt. Kingsmore Johnson, Jr., hired him to run our pilot boat.
A pilot boat operator, known as a boatman, takes a pilot out to incoming ships when they arrive and picks them up when they sail out of inland waters. A pilot is required by state law to navigate large ships to within inland waters. Pilot boat operators worldwide are some of the most skillful mariners to be found anywhere. This is done in all kinds of weather!
Clyde ran the pilot boat for us for several years before moving on to become the owner/operator of the Chevron Gas Station here in Boca Grande. I find it interesting to note that my father was the first owner/operator of Boca Grande’s Chevron. This goes to show how intricately the lives of Boca Grande residents often intertwined in what was considered by some to be the heyday of Boca Grande.  
My purpose in writing this letter is to add to the facts of Misty’s wonderful tribute to her father.
Capt. Robert W. Johnson
Boca Grande