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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: LGI resident explains in detail why last week’s story in Beacon was all wrong

September 1, 2022
By Boca Beacon Reader
In February 2022, the PSC held a two day public hearing in Venice for EU and potential customers to present their case and preferences. This hearing was held at a cost of $200,000 and was streamed live, video available now. Did the Boca Beacon attend? If so, you saw the owner of Environmental Utilities testify along with his attorneys and witnesses and present their whole case. Then you saw the opposition with their attorney and expert witnesses. You saw the Office of Public Counsel Attorney, who represents the public in utility cases and you surely saw that the room full of potential customers who spoke were overwhelmingly opposed to EU’s application for the wastewater certificate. Finally you must have observed the very close attention the Commissioners were giving to each witness and speaker. In addition most of the approximately 1000 letters of correspondence received by the Commission expressed the same opposition.

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