LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Lee County Commission approves temporary 25 percent permit fee reductions

November 13, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

To the Editor:
The Lee Board of County Commissioners voted Tuesday to reduce building permit fees by 25 percent for one year beginning December 1. The reduction will apply to fees assessed by the Lee County Department of Community Development to cover costs for processing and reviewing applications and inspecting work for most building permits in unincorporated Lee County.
 The discount applies to permit applications received on or after December 1. It would include the typical building permits associated with residential and commercial construction. People building new homes, installing fences or replacing mechanical or plumbing systems will benefit from the reduced fees. Businesses remodeling their facilities will also save money on permit expenses.
 The Community Development Department issued more than 25,000 such permits in the most recent fiscal year.
 The discount does not affect impact fee collection rates or fees charged by other departments or agencies, such as water and sewer connection fees, right-of-way permit fees or fire district related review fees.
 For more information on the permitting discount, call (239) 533-8585.
Betsy Clayton, APR/CPRC
Communications Director
Lee County Government