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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bzzzzzzz … bzzzzzz … are you tired of it?

November 3, 2022
By Guest Columnist

To the Editor:

Let’s talk mosquitoes. I’d tell you my phone is ringing off the hook, but our office phones are still out more than they are working. With that said, I am getting a lot of emails and messages about mosquitoes, especially on the north/Charlotte County end of the island. I’ve made a few calls to get the best intel possible. Here is the rundown:

Yes, mosquitoes at the north end are BAD. Biologists say the flooding of the lake and the long period of standing water in that area are to blame. Everyone knows we are an island divided, but only by a county line. Lee County handles all of the mosquito control on the Lee County portion of the island. Their staff also conducts larviciding (the process of controlling mosquitoes when they are in the larval or pupal form) into Charlotte County up to Grouper Hole. This type of mosquito control is conducted when they are in the water, making it an effective approach because the mosquito is somewhat isolated and known breeding sites can be recorded and regularly treated. All additional mosquito control for the Charlotte County portion of the island is the responsibility of Charlotte County.  

If you are experiencing large numbers of mosquitoes around your home, here is the contact information.  Please be sure to contact the proper agency, depending on the County where you reside.

If you are a resident on the Charlotte County portion of the island and want to report a problem with mosquitoes:

You can contact Charlotte County Mosquito Control at (941) 764-4370 and press 1. Give your exact location.

For the residents in Charlotte County around the lake where the mosquitoes are literally swarming, I suggest as many of you as possible call or click the link above to make a complaint. If all else fails, the Director’s name is Scott Schermerhorn, and his email address is If you are a resident on the Lee County portion of the island and want to report a problem with mosquitoes:

Information about larvicides, aerial or ground spraying mosquito control at home;

Contact Lee County Mosquito Control at (239) 694-2174.   

Lee County is also offering two mosquito traps to every Boca Grande household (yes, both Charlotte and Lee County residents). The traps can be picked up at the Boca Grande Fire Station. Lee County biologists said if residents deploy these simple traps, it will provide “some” relief.  

    Finally, no, I do not have an official update on debris (or its removal), but word on the street is that “it is piling up.” Come on, we have to be able to keep it light. So many people are working overtime to keep us moving in the right direction. Be kind to each other, smile, hold the door for the guy behind you, don’t put your debris in front of someone else’s house … It is the little things that will keep our community Boca Grande Strong.  

That is all for now,

Misty Nichols

Gasparilla Island Conservation 

and Improvement Association