Island resident creates chalk mural, sheriff’s deputy hoses it down

September 4, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

STAFF REPORT- A chalk mural down the length of Banyan Street became a bone of contention on Sunday morning, Aug. 30. The mural, painted in water and chalk, said “Black lives matter” in multi-colored letters. According to Lee County Sheriff’s Office reports, the artist who created the mural (who is also a resident of Banyan Street), said it was an expression of “peaceful, non-violent protest.”
The report stated that sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene at approximately 10 a.m. through a 911 call, and when they arrived they found the resident still working on the mural. 
The artist was notified that the Department of Transportation owned the road, and that they would be removing the artwork at the request of the manager of Lee County DOT, Doug Busbee.
They did, however, let the artist finish before washing it away, and advised her that a permit would be needed for future chalk creations on public roadways. According to Lee County Public Information Manager Betsy Clayton, though, there is no such permit.
The official statement issued by the artist was that, “She was simply exercising her right to a peaceful protest using a non-destructive medium (chalk).”