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DOG LIFE: Dog training books, DVDs and the internet

August 18, 2022
By Harry Kalajian, MDT
Some people will invest in books or DVD’s or go online to learn about training methods, and nice try, but that’s useless. They’ll learn generic methods that sometimes work but most of the time don’t. Why? The books or DVD’s don’t take into account your dog’s age, sex, breed, environment, character and temperament. The books and DVD’s are not designed to tell you which method would be suitable for your particular dog. Every dog is different, and lots of variables play a role in it. Maybe you have a dog that is shy, timid, fearful, or dominant or dominant-aggressive, and the list goes on … A professional trainer can asses which training method and/or sequence would be best. Books and DVD’s can’t.  They can give only broad generalizations. I can’t say often enough that owners MUST take the time to work with their dogs daily and follow the trainer’s instructions. 

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