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COVID tests and P.O. Boxes: Many have questions

January 20, 2022
By Marcy Shortuse

If you have been trying to obtain the free COVID test kits that the government is sending out and you get a message that says your P.O. Box is registered to a business, you are not alone. Island post office boxholders have been calling the Boca Beacon office, asking where their tests can be sent if they can’t be sent to their P.O. box.

Postmistress Melisa Bicker said she was just becoming aware of the problem, but would have to do some research because no one at their corporate offices had let them know that free COVID tests were being offered. The irony of this, of course, is that when you click the link to register for your tests to be delivered, it is through the USPS web site.

Bicker said she would be checking on what was going and she would let us know if she found out anything. In the meantime, there is a website that could be of us through the USPS:

That site allows you to put more information in regarding a failed response for your COVID test request.

As a sidenote, a few of us here in the Boca Beacon office tried to register for the tests – some with P.O. boxes and some with regular physical addresses, and most of us were able to successfully register.

If you live in one of the gated communities and receive your mail through them you might have a problem. If your P.O. Box is in any way affiliated with a business that could be problematic as well. Otherwise, if you do not own a business and do not live in one of our gated communities, email and we will see what we can do to help you.